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Testing & Inspection Reports

Electrical Periodic Inspection Reports on industrial and commercial properties are recommended for persons wishing to know the condition of a property prior to purchasing, or if leasing or letting it out.
These reports can range from a thorough full test and inspection of every circuit  to just a basic visual inspection of the accessories  and a few essential tests at the distribution board.
All inspection reports contain a tabulated description of the circuits inspected and will list any unsafe items found and list any deviations from the current wiring regulations along with any recommended actions. Each report will give an overall assessment of the installation.
e.g. satisfactory or unsatisfactory.
Costs will be determined by the size and accessibility so time frames will vary greatly.
electrical-testing and inspection
Commercial and industrial property is recommended to be inspected every four years but certain installations may require a different time frame so please contact us for more information.
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